Video Content Marketers: Pay Attention to, BBC Instafax & Cloud editing

Image – 300 character news stories – just a bit more than Twitter. Instafax — same thing for video.

Finally, there’s an app that helps me track business news at break-neck speed –, Jason Calacanis’ new startup.

My view – they’ve hit upon a critical equation for digital information and news: Maximize the info — minimize the time.

Most humans feel the pinch of time — and the pressure from a more productive global. Hope springs eternal that computers will provide the answer — a way to steal back our time by massively increasing our personal productivity. (Never mind that collectively, this worsens the problem.)

Services like offer hope — perhaps one day soon I can be robo-machine-productive at work — and thus monitor the deluge of social mobile tv cloud startups sprouting up around me.

Maximize the info — minimize the time.

It’s not easy. For text articles, requires editorial – or more accurately, human editors/writers. For video — it may require more — a team of people with specialized sub-tasks, connected on a cloud editing platform like FORscene or wevideo.

In video, there’s a meme called the Wadsworth Constant – that the first 30% of any video can be skipped.

Services like BBC Instafax are starting to chip-away at that meme. The service, on Instagram, places Twitter-sized chunks of news text atop a relevant image, diagram or two, all in a 14-second video format. And then there’s Vine. Can’t skip a third of that!

BBC Instafax is for video. And both of these services are tapping into a forthcoming business communication imperative: Maximize the info; minimize the time.

After all, what sales guy, partner, customer, employee, or other workmate do you know that has time to waste watching 15 seconds of useless video? Indeed, there’s a high likelihood that the video may also contains rich, information-intensive clips that will deepen your understanding and insight into the given topic.

Surely, as we enable employees to easily edit, mix & mash each others’ videos for maximum effect, we will all benefit from more tightly edited, and easily digested, visual information exchange.

Content marketing can serve an entertainment need — as in the distribution of fun, engaging branded content. But for businesses, there are probably many more informational needs that content marketing can serve. In the next three years, in part due to cloud editing tech — video will increasingly serve these critical informational needs by maximizing the info, and minimizing the time — by crushing the Wadsworth Constant meme. Then, video will be a strategic business builder, important for culture, training, rollouts, project implementation, operations, meeting management, sales enablement, partnership development — sorry, I need to end this post now.


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