What’s next for Twitter? Here’s my advice. MobileMarketer.com article extract.

I’ve become even more bullish post-NAB on the importance of a set of behaviors I call #SocialTV. Sure, I know others feel differently, but here’s my view:

#SocialTV is the hashtag for social mobile video native. (Marissa Mayer called this segment ‘MaVeNS’  on her last call with Wall Street.) It’s a broad set of themes and growing use cases which are outlined on slide 2 of our Q2 2015 consumer tracking survey on Social TV. It’s a high quality report and I invite your comments on how to improve it over time.


And here’re some extracts from that article. (Link to full article.)

Is Twitter losing ground for social TV engagements?


And here is my favorite quote – I get to give some advice to Twitter. I view Twitter as a kind of RSS for the mobile-first era – that 140 character limit has served as a catalyst for the design of the ultimate human-machine information distribution protocol. We all need such a standard protocol in order to maximize the intelligence of our technology, the elegance of our user experiences, and the joy of our television show watching leisure time. That is why I am so passionate about nudging Twitter in the right direction on this. And yet they seem to be doing exactly the opposite – cutting off developers and going head-to-head with Facebook.


If you have thoughts about this, please feel free to comment below!

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