PANEL: The Long-tail of Live Sports: Coming to #DigitalHollywood! This Wed 4/29 at 1045am at Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey

Digital Hollywood Sports Next

Date: Wednesday April 29th

Time: 10:45am – Noon

Title: The Long-tail of Live Sports – How to make it great; How to cultivate an audience; How to pay for it

Abstract: We’ll talk about (1) great live sports production at a fraction of the cost of broadcast (2) traditional and new forms of monetization – and (3) how mobile social video can connect & bolster the two.

This panel will explore questions, showcase videos and provide answers on ‘how to crush it’ in the fast-growing and dynamic market for long-tail live sports, including live streaming, in-stadium mobile engagement and social TV business models.

Moderator: Brian Ring, President Ring Digital llc – Brian will talk about social TV, live clipping, and sports fan engagement.


Philip Nelson, CRO, NewTek – Philip will talk about broadcast quality production and how it is achieved at a fraction of the cost.

Ryan Zander, SVP/GM Sportvision – Ryan will talk about the future of “data visualization as content” – and how to mobilize big data into compelling content by utilizing stats, names, wearables, and other techniques.

Carl Kirchoff, Founder & President, EverSport Media — Carl will talk about the monetization marketplace for long-tail sports aggregation and how rights owners can maximize their profits in a global social digital marketplace.

Sandy Khaund, CTO, InStadium – Sandy will talk about how monetization of OOH signage has evolved over the years and the opportunity to merge the digital and physical media markets.digital_hollywood

The following slide depicts the market size and economic context for this panel. There are 4 huge and distinct revenue streams in sports – and they are all converging on mobile social video apps. This opens up an array of new opportunities for rights holders. I don’t think we can underestimate the interaction between the videoboard, mobile phones in-stadium, and TVs & mobile phones at home and on the go. This is a unique, large opportunity – but it requires a “long-tail” mentality to succeed.





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