Digital Perspective: Periscope is a Feature, Not an App. Here’s Why.

This was originally published by Sports Video Group in their new Digital Monthly Newsletter. Go to and sign up! I’ve shortened it dramatically here below. Have fun!

Live-streaming app Periscope has been around for only a few months, but, oh my, how those months have been packed with insight. Live phone streaming has broken new ground for sports-video creators. Now that things have settled down, let’s take a look at the lessons learned. Here are five key takeaways.

1. Understand the hype. And have a “lean-in” strategy to navigate the digital hype-cycle. Embrace the positive elements, work hard to lose the negative ones.

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2. The threat of piracy is real, but it can also be a red herring.

3. Digital-media teams’ collaborating with live-production teams is going to yield the most valuable sports-fan experiences man has known.

4. Truly understanding the power of live means understanding the power of near-live, replays, and fast-forward.

5. Stay bullish on mobile, video, and social platforms.

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