White Paper Executive Summary: 3Play Media’s State of Closed Captioning


3Play Media did a good job putting out survey but the vast majority of the responses were in higher education, so be careful not to overgeneralize these results below. Here were the key insights I took from it.

Video Posted Annually

  • 43% of businesses surveyed post >100 hours of video per year
  • 13% posted >1,000 hours of video per year.

State of Captioning

  • 37% expect captioning demands to increase significantly over the next 12 months.
  • Only 36% of organizations caption all online video content.
  • 30% of businesses only add captions to videos after
  • 75% of organizations are happy with their captioning services, rating them 8 out of 10 or better.

Live Streaming versus Pre-recorded Video

  • 54% of video created is pre-recorded, not live.
  • Of businesses that produce live video, 93% post them online.
  • 62% of recorded live events that are later posted for on-demand viewing include captioning.
  • 51% of businesses that caption live events have them re-captioned before posting online for on-demand viewing.

Captioning Budgets

  • 79% of businesses have a designated captioning budget.
  • The vast majority (90%) of businesses that do not have a budget rely solely on in-house captioning.
  • ~20% have a caption budget between $10,001 and $50,000.

The Captioning Process

  • 55% of businesses have made captioning part of the video creation process.
  • More than 75% of organizations have a captioning turnaround time of four days or less.

Captioning Compliance Issues

  • 33% do not understand captioning compliance responsibilities.
  • 65% have – or are in process of creating – a captioning compliance policy.

Third-Party vs In-House vs Automation

  • 42% use only a third-party service to meet their captioning demands.
  • About 27% of respondents start with automatic captions and then edit them for accuracy, and over 50% don’t use automatic captions at all.

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