TL;DR Eric Shanks & Joe Marchese on Sports & Advertising (Paley Center)


2.3 Minute Summary of a 56 video conversation

During a recent presentation at the Paley Center in New York City, the president of ad revenue for Fox Networks Group Joe Marchese and the president and COO of Fox Sports Eric Shanks raised the following points.

Sports Provide Mass Audiences for Marketers

Shanks: In 1996, advertising against top Emmy categories reached 200 million people. In 2017, 19 million.

Marchese: Today, few things on TV make for water cooler talk. Sports offers common narratives and subjects people want to discuss.

Shanks: Last year, 157 scripted & reality shows got cancelled. Sports teams don’t get cancelled. The passion and tribalism of sports is key for arbitraging human attention.

Shanks: Also, personality-driven shows, featuring talent you want to have a beer with, is the key for cross-platform media strategies. Only Fox has Terry Bradshaw, Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd.

As New Media Bundles Arise, Advertising Will Keep Evolving

Shanks: There are enough natural breaks in sports. We may start to see commercials that are six seconds long.

Marchese: Google research concluded that six seconds is an ideal length for an ad.

Shanks: You only need six seconds to say: “This paper towel is the softest. It picks up everything.” 

Marchese: The ads you remember are like the Kars-4-Kids commercials, things that burrow into your brain.

Shanks: lt’s an open secret that advertisers aren’t only interested in people between the ages of 18 and 49. They never were, even though they negotiate for that demographic. Marketers value every impression they get. If someone is 55 and has great buying power, advertisers will prize his or her impression.

Shanks: In the future, linear television will probably feature more live content. Subscription-based platforms will bifurcate into outlets with few or zero ads to watch vs. few or zero consumer costs.


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