Bloomberg Radio: Scott Soshnick, Michael Barr & Eben Novy-Williams featuring Brian Rolapp Chief Business Officer of the NFL

Great radio show from Bloomberg hosted by Scott Soshnick, Michael Barr and Eben Novy-Williams featuring Brian Rolapp Chief Business Officer the NFL #Sports #SMSports #NFL

Sports News Roundup

– $200M deal to turn AT&T Park into Oracle Park opens the starting gate for a wave of new sponsorships. A stadium deal can be foundational for marketing in an increasingly fragmented landscape.

– NBA & Twitter struck a #SocialTV deal to stream a “single player view” during the 2nd half of the All-Star game. Another brilliant stroke of partnership. BUT, it’ll have no audio. So it’s meant to be a 2nd screen / bonus content experience. “Goodbye broadcasting. Hello narrowcasting. You want to talk about Coaching implication? You’ll go to that one (stream). You want to talk about the Betting implications? You’ll go to that one.”

– FOX Sports RSN deal: “If it’s going to go as a whole keep your eye on Sinclair. But I’m hearing that this is going piecemeal. You want the Southeast, you go to Liberty, you have Comcast in the Midwest, everyone’s got a reason to part and parcel this. That’s where this is headed right now. The Yankees buying back Yes Network, we know they’re already working with (Sovereign Wealth Fund in UAE). Redbird Capital’s there, they’re eyeing something with Amazon, what component can they play? You take the YES Network out of it, that’s $6B. Let’s see who’s around for the rest.”  

Highlights from the Brian Rolapp interview here:

  • Fortnite was all about engagement with younger fans
  • 35 and under, all non-game content has moved to social
  • 7 out of 10 fans have a second screen open during a game
  • Eye tracking studies prove that TV ads that are run side-by-side with real-time game content works
  • Monetization strategies always lag consumption behaviors
  • We’ve always been a league that is focused first & foremost on Reach
  • Every game is available for free in local markets
  • Nothing left in media that can aggregate audiences like the NFL
  • The media & trade is far more focused on ratings than we are inside the industry
  • How competitive is the football? Are the star athletes on the field? How are the big market teams doing? That’s what drives audience.
  • Sponsorship & Ticketing have both radically changed — & partners are doing more to digitally activate those opportunities.
  • Gambling: “It’s the new reality. It’s the world we live in.” First and foremost is integrity. We’ve ntegrity training with refs, players, etc. It will take some time to get to scale.
  • The AGA / Nielsen put out some numbers, estimated the NFL generate $2.3B in revenue from gambling once states get on board. “I think that’s a high number. But it will has to get some measure of scale…I think it’s going to be interactive, mobile-based prop betting, that’s the stuff you see successful in Europe & other places. A lot has to happen for that to get to scale…All the sports leagues will derive most of their value from the increase in engagement around their sport. So it’s a little bit like fantasy. It’s not a huge business. But it makes you watch that extra game on the weekend.”
  • Stadium experiences need to be amazing. Dollars should be spent on making the existing experience better instead of adding seats. Ingress & egress is huge. Concessions should be fairly priced. It’s the totality of the experience that really matters. These games are going to be better and more accessible on media, so the stadium needs to invest to be the best place to watch football.



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