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Apple Music, Apple Watch … What’s next? When it comes to TV, #iMissSteveJobs.

For a year or two after Steve’s death, analysts talked about a ‘lack of innovation’ as a risk for Cook’s Apple. At that time, I felt the criticism was unwarranted. My argument? The iPhone was enough innovation for a decade – and Cook’s steady execution refining existing products would provide ample room to harvest Jobs’ […]

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When a Subscriber is Not a Customer: Surviving the Unbundling of TV – July column for Sports Video Group

Read the full Sports Video Group Digital column Two Thursday’s ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a great piece on the pay-TV biz. It seems the most revered, profitable media brand in sports history is facing turbulence as the bundled–pay-TV cord begins to fray. ESPN’s subscriber numbers have declined 7.2% since 2011, according to Nielsen data. […]

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The Apple Watch Sucks. (Or, #iMissSteveJobs)

The iWatch – or whatever – is Apple’s Zune. I’m sure it won’t break the stock, but boy, that is as flawed a product as Apple’s ever put out. Honestly, even the Newton is looking pretty good in the annals of Apple history compared to the Watch. The laptop that caught fire – that’s the only […]

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This was originally published by Sports Video Group in their new Digital Monthly Newsletter. Go to and sign up! I’ve shortened it dramatically here below. Have fun! Live-streaming app Periscope has been around for only a few months, but, oh my, how those months have been packed with insight. Live phone streaming has broken new […]

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Did AMZN’s AWS sell $500M of Cloud Video Processing & Management services in the TTM period? Holy cow!

I almost missed the news of Amazon’s first-ever financial report with AWS revenue broken out. (Life w/ kids is busy!) I’ve been eager to see this figure for years. At Ericsson my small crew and I spent 2 full years preaching the cloud video story and in my business case for cloud MAM I took a stab at estimating both this AWS top-line number and – […]

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PANEL: The Long-tail of Live Sports: Coming to #DigitalHollywood! This Wed 4/29 at 1045am at Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey

Digital Hollywood Sports Next Date: Wednesday April 29th Time: 10:45am – Noon Title: The Long-tail of Live Sports – How to make it great; How to cultivate an audience; How to pay for it Abstract: We’ll talk about (1) great live sports production at a fraction of the cost of broadcast (2) traditional and […]

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What’s next for Twitter? Here’s my advice. article extract.

I’ve become even more bullish post-NAB on the importance of a set of behaviors I call #SocialTV. Sure, I know others feel differently, but here’s my view: #SocialTV is the hashtag for social mobile video native. (Marissa Mayer called this segment ‘MaVeNS’  on her last call with Wall Street.) It’s a broad set of themes and growing use cases […]

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Periscope and Selfie Streaming: Cams going mainstream, Opportunity to get this right

Hi all. It’s a packed day at NAB Show #NAB2015! First – the #SocialTV Index volume 2 is out! The free report is truly worth a peek. John Eggerton of Broadcasting & Cable picked it up, as has at least one other outlet. The headline? Twitter seems to be losing ground to Facebook – fast. Declined 25% vis-a-vis August 2014. If the numbers […]

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Hey TV Nets: The Whipclip Revolution is here! Let’s Reward the Legal Approach

Whipclip won’t be the first entrant in the live TV clipping market, but it is decisively the most important. ABC, CBS, FOX, VH1, A&E Network, Lifetime, Bloomberg, and Turner are on board – but for how many shows? And what about sports?

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7 Reasons #NABShow beats #CES and #SXSW

In “The Purpose of Silicon Valley,” MIT Tech Review author Michael Malone talks of a geeky debate happening in the Valley these days. The question? Are we losing our purpose? Social networking apps are fun, the argument goes, but global hunger isn’t yet solved – and tech startups need to be involved in those problems. […]

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