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“This is huge.” Eddy Cue is right. The death of the TV bundle is near.

TV insiders have always felt that HBO was one of the most important elements for holding the bundle together. Last fall, in a watershed announcement, HBO announced it would offer a direct to consumer OTT service. But there wasn’t much to comment about – since no details were released. Well, now we have commercial terms – and […]

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State of Social TV – NAB 2014 – 17 Slides – Trends in Mobile Sharing

Live Clipping & Social TV at #NAB2014 – Clips, Views & Annotated Pics from Ring Digital llc

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Steve Jobs has invented the Next Big Thing, death be damned — Human Computer Workflows, iPad & iPhone & the Singularity

Two weeks ago, Farhad Manjoo of WSJ wrote a great year-end round-up on tech. In it, he argues that pundits should stop lamenting the lack of a “next big thing” — because it’s already here. Namely, the smartphone and tablet. But I found something else in the article that underscored his point — and […]

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