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Meerkan’t: Why Meerkat won’t be the app that defines Now-casting

Edited: Title changed – Fail was too strong a word – congrats to you guys Meerkat! But here’s why I think you won’t be worth bajillions.   I love live streaming. I love selfies. And I love social networks. But Meerkat? That’s not a name that’s going to stick. Let me qualify: Social selfie streaming […]

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“This is huge.” Eddy Cue is right. The death of the TV bundle is near.

TV insiders have always felt that HBO was one of the most important elements for holding the bundle together. Last fall, in a watershed announcement, HBO announced it would offer a direct to consumer OTT service. But there wasn’t much to comment about – since no details were released. Well, now we have commercial terms – and […]

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Twitter is a Platform, Vine is a Genre, Video is a medium

There’s an interesting article on Re-code today about Dick Costolo’s comments on Vine. The author suggests that Vine will compete with Twitter’s native Video offerings but I don’t think so. The way I think of it is this: Twitter is a Platform, Vine is a Genre and Video is a medium. Twitter is a distribution platform. With Twitter, you […]

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