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Why I Think Sony Made a Bad Decision in Shutting Down PS Vue

Vue suffered from a bad branding decision. But making a shut-down decision on PS Vue without trying to fix the obviously misguided and confusing branding decision, to me, you’re not working off high-fidelity information, then. To me, that alone means that Vue deserved at least one pivot & re-try. I remember seeing the PS Vue […]

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Tweet storm: Why Netflix Might’ve Hit it’s US Subscriber Peak

This is a tweet storm, so, I can see like a thousand ways to clarify this below but in the interest of preserving the “quick take” of the tweet storm format, I’m leaving it alone! 1/ Here’s my Devil’s Advocate take on the #NotABlip case for #Netflix . (Or, that sub numbers are at or […]

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Streaming Piracy is Pernicious: Credential Sharing in the U.S. is Not

Originally posted as a comment to this piece here. Full disclosure, I worked with this team during my run at Cisco SPVSS which turned into Synamedia. I know & like Rinat Burdo well and have tremendous respect for the team. Well, I have to disagree with the premise of this post. Industrialized, sophisticated piracy […]

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Is $340M a Lot of Money? For Pluto TV?

VIDEO IS HERE: Watch the Video Is $340M a lot of money? For Pluto TV? Well, in some ways, yes. Bob Bakish let loose a few eyebrow-raisers on CNBC this morning. First off, let’s talk markets. He’s calling this AVOD & quoting $8B in TAM – but that’s mostly YouTube & Facebook. So is Pluto […]

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Bloomberg Radio: Scott Soshnick, Michael Barr & Eben Novy-Williams featuring Brian Rolapp Chief Business Officer of the NFL

Great radio show from Bloomberg hosted by Scott Soshnick, Michael Barr and Eben Novy-Williams featuring Brian Rolapp Chief Business Officer the NFL #Sports #SMSports #NFL Sports News Roundup – $200M deal to turn AT&T Park into Oracle Park opens the starting gate for a wave of new sponsorships. A stadium deal can be foundational for marketing […]

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White Paper Executive Summary: 3Play Media’s State of Closed Captioning

3Play Media did a good job putting out survey but the vast majority of the responses were in higher education, so be careful not to overgeneralize these results below. Here were the key insights I took from it. Video Posted Annually 43% of businesses surveyed post >100 hours of video per year 13% posted >1,000 hours of […]

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This was originally published by Sports Video Group in their new Digital Monthly Newsletter. Go to and sign up! I’ve shortened it dramatically here below. Have fun! Live-streaming app Periscope has been around for only a few months, but, oh my, how those months have been packed with insight. Live phone streaming has broken new […]

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Did AMZN’s AWS sell $500M of Cloud Video Processing & Management services in the TTM period? Holy cow!

I almost missed the news of Amazon’s first-ever financial report with AWS revenue broken out. (Life w/ kids is busy!) I’ve been eager to see this figure for years. At Ericsson my small crew and I spent 2 full years preaching the cloud video story and in my business case for cloud MAM I took a stab at estimating both this AWS top-line number and – […]

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Meerkan’t: Why Meerkat won’t be the app that defines Now-casting

Edited: Title changed – Fail was too strong a word – congrats to you guys Meerkat! But here’s why I think you won’t be worth bajillions.   I love live streaming. I love selfies. And I love social networks. But Meerkat? That’s not a name that’s going to stick. Let me qualify: Social selfie streaming […]

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Net neutrality matters — pay attention to this

Take a close look at the orange, blue and red lines — for Comcast, Time Warner and AT&T — an independent consortium is finding evidence of preferential treatment of traffic. As Michael Copps said: “We are guaranteeing an Internet future of toll-booths, gatekeepers, and preferential carriage.”

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