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Live Sportscasts Aren’t DVR-proof — and That’s Good for TVE & OTT

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON SPORTSVIDEO.ORG By Brian Ring, Contributing Editor Like many of my TV-industry peers, I fell in love with my first TiVo DVR: TV was so good when you could fully control the experience. A DVR brings more than ad skipping, although that’s certainly appealing. It allows me to get more of what I want […]

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Apple Music, Apple Watch … What’s next? When it comes to TV, #iMissSteveJobs.

For a year or two after Steve’s death, analysts talked about a ‘lack of innovation’ as a risk for Cook’s Apple. At that time, I felt the criticism was unwarranted. My argument? The iPhone was enough innovation for a decade – and Cook’s steady execution refining existing products would provide ample room to harvest Jobs’ […]

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PANEL: The Long-tail of Live Sports: Coming to #DigitalHollywood! This Wed 4/29 at 1045am at Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey

Digital Hollywood Sports Next http://www.digitalhollywood.com/sportsnext.html Date: Wednesday April 29th Time: 10:45am – Noon Title: The Long-tail of Live Sports – How to make it great; How to cultivate an audience; How to pay for it Abstract: We’ll talk about (1) great live sports production at a fraction of the cost of broadcast (2) traditional and […]

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